Friday, April 29, 2022

SCS NMR Spectrometer Status Now

Updated 29 Apr 2022 (DLO):

Staff hours are M - F, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; just walk in.
After business hours, use your i-Card (swipe several times as needed).  

Welcome to the Mostly-Non-Pandemic NMR Lab!
Use Mnova Version 14.2.3.

RAL Spectrometers (Check ChemFOM for Availability):
  • Carver-Bruker 500 CryoProbe (CB500).  OK.
    • Busy 25 hours on a long sample Saturday, April 30, 4 p.m., to Sunday, May 1, 5 p.m.
    • Use ChemFOM to reserve a submission time.
    • Ask Nikki for account registration, then a trained person in your group for automation instruction.
  • U500 - H-1 & C-13 only.  No F, P.  OK. 
  • UI400 - OK.  H, B-11, F, P.  Flat B-11 baseline (with quartz tube)
  • UI500NB - H only.  OK.  Training available for 2D NMR.  Gateway instrument to UI600 and 750NB.
  • VXR500 - H, C, F, P.  OK.
  • SUNDS1 - OK.
Noyes Lab Spectrometers:  
  • UI300WB- OK; Reservations via Andre Sutrisno. 
  • UI600 - OK; Reservations via Lingyang Zhu.   
Chem Life Spectrometers:
  • VNS750NB - OK; Reservations via Lingyang Zhu.  Currently in liquids configuration.
  • B600 - OK. Automated operation.  Request training.

Photos of Nitrogen Fills on 15 April 2020:

Trish in RAL performing U500 liquid nitrogen fills

during the stay-at-home order, with permission, of course:

Trish wrestling with the UI500NB - and winning.

Those Roller Derby skills come in handy for Trish.

Trish makes the U500 one very happy superconducting magnet.

The UI500NB sits in the darkened lab and muted sunlight
waiting patiently for the return of NMR Lab users.

The CB500 awaits as well.

Photos of Helium Fills on 30 March 2020:

Nikki & Dean in RAL performing U500 helium fill:

Nikki in RAL performing UI400 helium fill:

Nikki in RAL performing UI500NB helium fill:

Helium Dewars in A151 awaiting 750NB helium fill:

Why we decided to wear masks and minimize talking (Originally reported in the Los Angeles Times): 

Photos of Lab Closure at 5 p.m on 21 March 2020: